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2 Types Of Canopy Installation Guidelines

Canopies are used to provide shade for when you have picnics or parties outdoors. You can either make free standing canopies or ones that are supported by a wall. You can buy most of the supplies needed for making a DIY canopy from the local supermarket or home improvement store. Here are a few guidelines on how to make them:

Making a canopy with 4 poles

First step would be to buy a canvas canopy at Pro Fit Canopies cloth that is large enough to fill or cover the entire area of a table or any area that requires shade. By using a grommet tool that can be bought off the store, you need to drill a hole in to each corner of the canvas cloth to fit in to the poles. Next you have to prepare the poles. The poles would ideally be 4 thin metal or wooden or bamboo, this depends on how big the area of coverage is and how heavy your poles would have to be in order to hold the canvas together. Attach the cloth with the help of four assistants on each corner of the cloth by tightening the cords and through the grommets. Next, direct the assistants to spread to the four corners slowly and secure the pole on the ground. Having stakes placed in the ground with the canopy cords will help fasten and steady the canopy further.

Making a canopy using support

Using a wall for a canopy takes the same measures as using four poles. Punch 4 grommets to the four corners of the canvas and attach two screw eyes in to the wall. Make sure that the screw eyes are places where the back of the canopy will be. This is similar to a ute canopy except it is immovable but is open from 3 sides. Using the same method as earlier, instead of four poles, prepare two of them using metal, wood or bamboo for the height that you prefer.

Drill a hole in each pole to pass a dowel pin through. Next, using a strong cord, attach the canvas cloth to the wall by tying the two grommets to the screw eyes. As we now only have to attach the canvas to the poles, with the help of an assistant attach the canvas to the grommet of each pole. After this is done, the poles need to be placed securely to the ground where the canopy will give shade to. These poles need to be further secured by using a cord to tie around a tent stake.