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Identifying Braking System Problems In Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s braking system is the one providing the much-required stopping power to shed off speed and bring your vehicle to a halt when necessary. Proper functioning of this system is quite critical, as malfunctioning brakes are a major cause of accidents due inability to slow down in time or due to a major loss of control. You need to be able to detect issues, as a vehicle’s braking system will usually give you early warning signs of failure. Always consider visiting a car repair centre from Ravenhall Automotive Services if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Strange Screeching or Grinding Noises

Vehicle braking systems are actually designed in such a way that they will give this kind of noises when your pads are worn out and need replacement. Pad replacement is a quick and easy job that any mechanic (and maybe, even yourself) can handle. But wait too long and the pad’s backing plate will start making contact with your rotors, thus damaging them and requiring you a full repair which consists of replacing not only the pads but the rotors and calipers as well.

Braking Pedal Feels Soft

If you ever feel like the braking pedal is not applying any resistance on your foot or if it just feels too soft, the most likely problem is a leak in the hydraulic system. If so, the problem will only get worse from now, and you may even lose most of your braking power. Driving under these conditions is extremely dangerous, and you need to take your vehicle for a thorough inspection to identify where the hydraulic fluid has occurred.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side When Braking

If your vehicle tends to pull to one side when travelling normally, the most likely culprits are misaligned wheels, but if it does so only under braking, that may be due to a different issue altogether. A frozen caliper is known to cause this kind of problems. Calipers can become frozen over time due to dust accumulation and corrosion, which can occur if the dust boot becomes damaged, thus exposing the piston. Ultimately, this causes uneven piston wear that makes your vehicle veer off to one side slightly when applying the brakes Derrimut. A piston replacement is usually enough to solve the issue once detected.

Braking System Warning Light Stays On

Modern vehicles have sensors to identify issues with each of their systems. A braking system warning light that stays on no matter what you do indicates that there may be an issue, even though you cannot feel anything weird at the moment. Taking your vehicle to the mechanic is recommended if you don’t want the situation to get worse.