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Replacing Your Car’s Weather-Stripping

Cars have to bear sunny weather as well as clod rainy weather, and if your car is as good as new, you may not encounter any serious problem. However if you tend to notice water dripping down the inside of your windows, then your weather-stripping may be going bad. Usually rubber window seals in your car get the least attention until they crack and leak. It is the car’s window seal that keep the water and wind away from the interior, therefore when it starts giving trouble that means that it is in need of immediate replacement. This may look like a daunting task, but if you have enough patience you could actually replace it yourself.

When the weather-stripping rubber seals that keep air and water from getting inside the cabin starts to go bad, the rain will literally end on your seats, trunk and the carpet. If you let it get worse, there will be a pool of water where the passenger’s feet will be. Replacing broken car window seals will not be a problem but it will be a little costly for your comfort. You may be surprised to know that car window seals are available to purchase online, and on e-bay, you can find car window seal for sale. After you purchase new car window seals, replacing them is an inexpensive job as you can do it yourself.

The first step is to remove the old seal. Try to first locate a spot where it is loose and gently insert a screwdriver underneath, and then slowly separate the rubber from the metal. Then carefully peel it off the trim. The second step is to clean the window frame, in order to get rid of debris. Step three is to scrub off the old adhesive with sandpaper. Finally you will need to fit in the window seal by starting from one corner and working your way around the window frame. Once you have finished lining up the window seal, you should put a little bit of adhesive to make sure that the window seal fit properly.

You may also need to fit your old and weathered down car with automotive weather-stripping, which goes around your door seal. Automotive weather-stripping prevents the car from outside elements entering the car, such as rain and dust and wind. The seals line the outside perimeter of the car door, and seal the door to the vehicle. If you decide that you need to replace the weather-stripping of your car door, you can do this too by yourself, just as easily as you fixed the window seal. E-bay offers automotive door seals for sale, and you will be easily able to purchase one that fits the model of your car. Luckily for you, replacing your car window seal and automotive door seal is easy, and given that you have enough patience, you can make it into a DIY project. When you purchased your new car, you would’ve thought that you would be using that same brand new car for the rest of your life. However your car is prone to wear, and is not designed to last a lifetime. When the door seals fall apart, and the windows start leaking and the auto body panels get corroded, that’s when you have to decide that your car need to be replaced with newer auto body parts and weather-stripping.