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What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident?

Car accidents are inevitable and bound to happen to even the most careful driver. It could be a stroke of bad luck, negligence from the driver’s side or recklessness by someone else on the road. Whatever the reason, when an accident happens, it can be a really confusing and bewildering moment for anyone. What steps should you take in case an accident happens? That question is what this article hopes to answer and help drivers get through such a traumatizing event while covering the legal side of things.

When you are drawn into an accident, however small of a matter it is, do not depart until you have spoken to the other vehicle’s driver, the law enforcement authorities or to both of them. Stay calm at all times and avoid lashing out in anger, especially in a situation where the other driver is acting in an angry manner.At the point where you are involved in a minor mishap with no major injuries, move the car and inhabitants securely to the side of the street, away from the traffic. In the event that a vehicle can’t be moved and no injuries have happened, drivers and travelers ought to stay in the vehicle with safety belts attached until some form of help reaches them. Turn on the peril lights and if needed place cones or warning triangles. It is also advised that you always keep a 24 hour towing truck company’s number with you or in the vehicle in case the need for towing arises.

Call the emergency unit in the event that anybody who was caught in the crash is dying, feels dizzy, or is enduring any physical damage. Stay safe and call the emergency help in case any injury has happened. Unless somebody at the scene is particularly prepared in emergency protocols, hold up until professional medics arrive before endeavoring to carry an individual or perform any procedure. It is recommended that you call the police in the event of a crash.

If you as the driver is not in the position to call the police, ask someone else around to do so. The benefit is that the police can diffuse volatile situations, move traffic around the accident in an orderly manner and offer a calm solution. Take plenty of pictures about the accident and include photographs of the extent of damage and details like the road condition, traffic signs and the general area around. Record the time of the accident and call your insurance company as soon as possible and give them the exact location to reach.